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Beads of Wisdom

Updated: Jun 3

Fly Fishing from a Paddle Craft

In the previous article, we saw that kayak fly anglers can purchase enough gear to sink their boat. So we jettisoned some that is not worth their costs. Now let’s consider gear that is necessary.

● First, you must wear a Personal Flotation Device.

● And clip on an emergency whistle. There is no reason not to.

● Paddle fly fishing promotes glasses to necessary safety tools.

● Buy as high quality a kayak paddle as you can.

● Pin-on zingers are a good way to secure items like forceps and nippers.

● Wide brimmed hats are more important in a kayak.

● Downsize your fly selection, and get a shirt-pocket-size fly box.

● Two or three waterproof storage bags or cases will pay for themselves.

● And a few straps, bungies, or twist ties will be useful to hold everything in place while you fish, paddle over boat wakes, or worse.

● A simple anchor system will secure you through the life of your boat.

● Rod holders will improve your paddling, fishing and safety too.

Now that you’ve got the correct gear for your boat, you must organize it for quick and safe access. In the next installment in this series, we will look at storing gear in a kayak.

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