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The Kit Lake Solace


It was a month of muted celebration on Kit Lake, my home water in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. Bosses made retirement parties, and retirements. The Yellow Rumped Warblers were in full effect, gathering in flocks like fast forwarded clouds of mist. They seemed to celebrate a slow change in fishing action.

Air temperatures from the 40s to 60s let us sleep late. And water temperatures moving from the 70s to 50s had our bass moving to cold weather spots. By late in the month, we had success on small white streamers mimicking shad cast over Hydrilla which holds some warmth. We spent time around Mr. Butler’s Cypress tree dome. Mostly it’s time to move offshore, cast in water up to 10 feet around areas where the bottom drops off. No matter how much fun we were having we had to strip slowly to get bites, and that was after waiting for rain or sun to break the gray winter sky.

Winter in central Florida brings changes slowly, so we’ll see what happens in January.

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