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The Kit Lake Solace

September 2023

It was a month of fantasy come reality on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country.

Holidays were off, then on, then off again. The Cubs competed for the playoffs by making Spring Training errors. And temperatures fooled the anglers of Kit Lake.

Snow fell on the Rockies, and our heat diminished, allowing us to get out on the water. But the fish didn’t change their behavior yet. On our way to Autumn, water temperatures, and air temperatures crossed. So morning fishing grew less urgent and more pleasant. But the water remained high, cloudy, and hot. So deep-summer strategies were still important.

Afraid of afternoon thunderstorms, Campbell stayed home and tied flies. But in the end only a few fishing-interrupter-storms popped up this month. Mr. J escaped conflicting job requirements and found fishing success. Targeting about eight feet of water near pads, and a similar location near bushes that grow to the shore from Mrs. M’s property. He cast large, white, EP style flies (purchased from Campbell) and presented just below the surface. Other anglers fished offshore with sinking lines and whistler flies. They found some success chasing baitfish pods. The evening trips paid off for anglers using slow sinking flies.

Fishing is great for zen-fantasy, but we still must deal with reality to get to the point of the matter. Next month reality might be easier to predict.

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