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The Kit Lake Solace

March 2024

          It was a month of promise deferred on Kit Lake, my home water in central Florida’s largemouth bass country.

          On Free-Donut-Day, hot donuts weren't ready. New workers found jobs not ready for them. And Kit Lake's newest little fishing buddy isn't ready to go fishing. First rule of economics: Life's not fair. But we found our solace from little struggles in fulfilled spring fishing promises.

          Post spawn bass moved up the drop-off to chase intruders near the shore. Anglers who played this game did well on top water when the warmer mornings, and breezes that make Floridians happy, increased water temperatures.

          In the same near-shore areas, bluegill bumped cattails, and were easily fooled by hare's ear nymphs. Their tentative strikes early in the month were best caught with stiffer rods.

          Evening hatch fishing turned on too. Zack changed his work schedule, rerigged a rod with two white, sinking flies to mimic shad in the deeper water, and did well.

          Crappie were still found in water yet to cool to 80°, near lily pads in 6 to 8 feet. Slow presentation with jigging flies like a super buggers induced them to bite.

          Wind from later-than-normal cold fronts challenged us. But we were able to stay out using off-shoulder casts, and boats with non-fishing captains. And we found fish in otherwise unpopulated banks lying parallel to the wind to make the effort worthwhile.

          Summer in central Florida promises early and hot action. We will be ready for fulfilment.

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