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The Kit Lake Solace, February 2022

It was a month of multiple personalities on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country.

Like driving south to fish in the north, our daily grind was topsy turvy. Spring came this month, but pitchers and catchers did not report. The north winds of continuing winter gave way only late in the month, when leaves and pollen started to fall unnoticed and the tabebuia trees bloomed over greening grass. With Kit Lake so decorated, the fish began bedding in turn.

To avoid bedding fish, or to target them, the anglers of Kit Lake found them more active in 1-6 feet of water. Then we fished in two minds. One rod was kept in a winter rigging with a sinking fly or two. But we kept another rod with one popper that worked at times.

Even Mr. McKinney ran between two choices; Ignoring his lawn that slopes down to a rather barren section of water while the weeds grew green against the rare dormant grass. Then hurriedly pulling them as the grass greened this last week. We have begun to watch the daily high temperature forecast again. Noon was occasionally hot, and next month might be uncomfortable. So, we will fish early.

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