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Beads of Wisdom

Dropper Rigs

Double Up Foots the Bill

Sometimes anglers want a little more out of each cast. We might want to control the depth our fly sinks to. Or we think some extra noise might attract fish. Or maybe we don’t’ know what the fish are eating and we just want to give the fish two chances!

A tool for all of these needs is the Dropper Rig. This is using two flies on the end of your system. For still water fishing this usually means. Here are a few beads of wisdom:

● For your first dropper rig, try using a foam poppers about size 6.

● And a light weight Clouser minnow for the sinking fly.

● Attach the leader for the sinking fly by tying 10 pound leader material to the bend of the popper’s hook with a basic clinch knot.

● Take your time building the outfit. Do it at home. Test each knot. Then test the whole system.

● On the water, cast your new rig near a spot that is likely to hold fish. Use a more open loop. Remember your cast will be less accurate.

● Which fly are you presenting? In this arrangement, the sinking fly is primary. Let it sink completely below the popper.

● Use a strip once then long pause, strip once then long pause presentation.

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