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Beads of Wisdom

Give the Gift of Angling

Is it gift-giving time? Are you thinking about fun in the outdoors for your friend or loved one? A fly fishing rod can lead to a lifetime of adventure, and giving one as a gift is as simple as answering two questions:

What type of fishing does your friend or loved one do?

What is your budget?

The following thoughts will walk you through the shopping process.

● The specific fishing that the new angler will enjoy requires certain fishing gear

● Different “weight” outfits are made for those specific types of fishing

● An “outfit” is the package of rod, reel, and lines

● Tell the salesperson at your local fly shop, or online retailer, what kind of fishing the lucky gift getter enjoys

● Check their pictures or social media for hints about their fishing

● Be upfront about your budget

● There are outfits at any cost

● While no outfit can do it all, “six weight” outfits are a good general choice

● Combination outfits, or “combos,” are a great way to simplify the options

● You will enjoy watching the lucky recipient thrill to angling for years

● For more information, comment or email us

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