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Beads of Wisdom

Updated: Jun 5

Fly Fishing from a Paddle Craft.

          Now, you've bought gear for your fly fishing paddle craft. Don’t be the angler who takes it all (still in shopping bags) to the boat ramp, then attempts to arrange it in the boat. Take a tip from our hiking friends, arrange your gear calmly at home.


● Keep the receipts for your gear.

● Then, unpack it, and lay it out.

● Sort your gear according to how often you’ll need it on the water.

          ● What do you need regularly? Only a little? Not until you return to the put-in?

● Place your gear in the boat’s storage areas.

● Take time, on land, to sit in it and test these storage spots.

● Reaching for gear must not make you move too much and rock the boat dangerously. 

          ● Place your drinking water close to your seat. You should take sips all day.

          ● Your small fly box can go in a pocket.

          ● Rod holders should be easily accessible and out of the way of paddling.

          ● Forceps/Pliers should be close at hand.

          ● Control your sunglasses with a neck lanyard.

          ● Consider using a chest storage pack to hold the regularly needed gear.

          During your first outing with your newly tricked-out boat, take time off from fishing to reach for, access, grab, use, and put away all of that gear. Your future fishing, comfort and safety are worth the time. Next time, we will adapt your cast for kayak angling.

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