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Field & Stream, 125th Anniversary Issue

Best Stories Ever

Field & Stream magazine’s 125th Anniversary issue is a celebration, a great read, a touchstone of sporting literature, and a starting point for people with any interest in the outdoors.

This collectable edition of America’s great outdoor magazine is an overview of the best writing from the history of this industry leader. To create it Colin Kearns, the Editor-in-Chief of Field & Stream gathered dozens of samples of great writing and placed them in a specially bound volume worthy of a collector’s box.

The anniversary issue celebrates great writing; (One goal of Introducing various pieces, David Petzal, Rifles Editor, uses the phrase “…the best writing…” throughout the magazine. Of course, how-to articles about outdoor skill are front and center. But writings that motivates are also included. Dramatic and emotional stories are contrasted with, light and humorous stories.

In addition to the great stories, it includes some remarkable literary passages. Give yourself plenty of time to read The “Ferocious” Commuter, by A.J. McCLane. And beyond the writing, it includes great photography. Check out the mallard in an autumn-blazing pond on pages 10-11

This edition of F&S will interest any outdoors person who’s ever picked up a Field & Stream in the last 125 years whether at the magazine rack, in a waiting room etc. will want to read and keep this volume. As a beginning point for readers, this magazine shines. It introduced me to John Merwin, and anyone with a half hour to stop and skim can also find an author to begin reading. Anyone whose read stories set in the outdoors, learned skills of the outdoors, or enjoyed sporting photographs will want to see if your favorites were included in this bit of history. This will also be a good gift for an old or up-and-coming outdoors person. It even features the Jackalope for those who think that’s indispensable.

Field & Stream Best Stories Ever 125th Anniversary Issue, Colin Kearns Editor in Chief, Bonnier Corp. 134 pages. This is a must for any sporting library, pick on up today.

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