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All The Best, Celebrating Lefty Kreh

By: Flip Pallot

Reviewed By: Chris O’Byrne

Some people live a life deserving of mention. Some people live worthy of a Wikipedia page. A few people deserve biographies. Lefty Kreh; outdoorsman, author, combat veteran, and fly fishing innovator lived a life that deserved to be documented in a deeply researched, beautifully illustrated, and finely bound volume. With his book, All The Best, Celebrating Lefty Kreh, Flip Pallot delivered all that for his friend and hero to anglers everywhere.

Written well enough to serve as a model for future biographers, All the Best opens by covering Lefty’s life, beginning with his parents. While including many large and small events, it remains fast moving and entertaining. Packed with countless enlightening details, All The Best is a book you will read several times. It then becomes a scrapbook of Lefty’s professional work, with photographs from a mind-bending variety of locations, and a who’s who of angling heroes. Pallot told me, “Some of the photos belonged to me, some to Lefty.” Taken together they are comprehensive and enlightening. In my interview with Flip, he added, “A lot of people approached me, wanting a chance to tell what Lefty meant to them.” So, he deflects attention from his writing skill and hosts a tribute album in the final section. More than thirty people from the fly fishing world share their stories of time with Lefty.

You don’t have to be a fan of Lefty to enjoy the book. Any angler interested in the development of our sport will enjoy the historic information. And those who remember that history, will enjoy the scrapbook of those times. Outdoors people will treasure this heirloom quality volume as a beautiful decoration.

Also celebrated for his all-around outdoor skills, Flip Pallot was a guide in south Florida for years. He may be best known for his television work, including Walker’s Cay Chronicles. All The Best is his second book. He lives Mims, Florida.

I have studied Lefty for years and was blessed to speak with him on more than one occasion. Having read All The Best, I know my hero better and respect him all the more. I’m sure you will too.

-I am grateful to Mr. Pallot for his generous assistance with this review.

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