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Robert Ruark

Robert Ruark was a master of sporting literature. His career as a syndicated newspaper columnist specializing in outdoor stories lead to approximately 15 books and one movie.

His service in the Merchant Marine and Navy had some influence on his writing, as did his boyhood in eastern North Carolina. One of Ruark’s most famous works the novel The Old Man and the Boy, recalled that time when he learned to hunt and fish.

In 1948, Ruark made a return appearance on the radio show, The Author Meets the Critics, a debate among intellectuals recalling today’s scripted reality shows. The book which is being discussed in this show is not Ruark's outdoor writing, but it is an interesting peek into the life of a master of the outdoor genre,

Click the link below to enjoy this fun glimpse into the mind of a great outdoor writer. (Be ready to write; there are some great comebacks.)

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