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Gifts to Get ‘em Outside

Before the end of 2020, we will pause to share gifts with one another. During this momentous year we’ve seen what being inside too much can do. We’ve developed new free time activities. And we’ve considered our finances from new perspectives. This Christmas offers a chance to give meaningful gifts in this light. The following are a few suggested gifts to get ‘em outside.

True Timber fishing is offering a new spin cast combination outfit geared up for dock fishing, and sized for children. The Profishency Dock Combo comes with a practice plug for Christmas day lessons, and a spinner bait for fishing trips with you.

Once again, Kid Casters has a great gift, and a creative fishing motivator for modern young ones. Their new line of training bait packs are lures, encased in special plastic bags. Your child will attach one of the lures to a rod with the oversized hook eyes and use this encased lure for casting practice. Then, primed with this success, they’ll take the lure to the water. This water-soluble cover will dissolve and allow the sponge fish to expand so your happy child can reel it in!

Older kids of all ages can learn to fish using the Ozark Trail’s Beginners’ Fishing Kit. The neatly arranged and intelligently labeled lures come with instructions that are a helpful quick start guide to lure fishing.

An innovative poetry book also teaches fishing. How To Catch A Fish features classic poetry, and beautiful semi abstract paintings full of motion that will stimulate dreams of fishing in your youngsters. The engaging combination describes various fishing techniques from around the world. This family builder will take the place of The Night Before Christmas in your bedtime reading. (At least after Christmas.)

Of course, older kids and adults have been learning fly fishing, and have been catching their first fish on fly from The Beautiful Addiction, Learning to Fly Fish Near Your Home.

Sometimes we can’t go fishing or even go outside. For those 2020ish days, stuff their stockings with metal puzzles. Many times in my high school classroom, I’ve seen ultra-modern teenagers turn away from their flashy boxes and use the engineering side of their brain to untangle these classic toys.

Kids engaged in these ways go outside. They checkout the water, stop to look at the sunset, and admire the mountains. Let’s get ‘em outside!

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