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Gifts to Get ‘em Outside

Christmas 2021

This year we’ve confirmed the value of outside, and we’ve re-learned the value of together. Now, we want to pass on those passions in this season of gift giving. By creating toys that encourage kids to leave the electronics behind and get into nature, manufacturers have responded to our hopes. So, we can use this Christmas to give gifts that share the positive outdoor lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions

The book Essential Knots, by Andrew Adamides is set up for young people to learn actively. Featuring small ropes, playing cards, and a brightly colored instruction book, Essential Knots will take your youngsters away from the screens, give them success in learning, and prepare them for outdoor adventures.

Go Find It is offering a card based Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. While it encourages little ones to read, think, examine nature, and succeed, this stocking stuffer will probably give you more smiles than it gives to the kids.

If you want to start kids down the fly fishing road, Essen Direct is offering an Outdoor Explorer Kit and Bug Catcher. This kit provides the tools, instructions and motivation to begin entomology.

And for general backyard adventures, look into the Nature Explorer Kit by Mini Explorer. Not only does this outfit have several tools, they all come in an old school lunch box. wishes you and your little ones a merry and outdoor Christmas.

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