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The Kit Lake Solace


It was a month of prioritizing on Kit Lake, my home water in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. People and weather made issues that forced us to decide on the precedence off the water. And the weather made us re-order our desires on the water.

Hooded Mergansers made their visit to our waters, signaling the coldest part of our year. Air temperatures as low as the mid 40s prioritized those winter coats from the back of our closets. And water temperatures as low as the low 60s prioritized slower tempos to our fly presentations. Anglers had success casting sinking flies like weighted bait fish imitations in about 10 feet of water then waiting for the flies to sink. On southern winter days the temperature reached the high 70s and more around noon. So, anglers who prioritized late sleep had some success with top water flies. At the end of the month fish began to bed, so we had to consider conservation too.

Our not-so-brutal winter slow fishing a bit, until the bedding season. But the blooming Tabebuia flowers of the in Shelly's yard made me believe that active fishing is coming soon.

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