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The Kit Lake Solace

It was month of conclusions and commencements on Kit Lake, my home water in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. Like the pollen on our ponds, the old fell to fertilize a brighter new.

The lily pad field in the corner by Mrs. Stewart’s flower bed was still in its winter dormancy. But crappy, bass, and bluegill began to bed nearby. Through the month, air temperatures warmed and even got into the 90s, and water temperatures climbed from the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies. But top water action was still a passing thing, even for those prepared with small poppers and lighter rods. Around the redds, clouds of bait fish rose from approximately 3 ft of water. And Prepared anglers hooked up using dark wooly buggers retrieved medium to fast. Grass shrimp flies cast near cattails were pounded by aggressive bluegill and the occasional bass.

The fairest anglers on Kit Lake got their first sunburns of the year, and the live oaks went through their dreary phase The tabebuia tress burst into their easter colors, and the tarpon returned to our neighboring saltwater fisheries. So the anglers of Kit Lake are looking forward to March.

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