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The Kit Lake Solace

It was month of preparation on Kit Lake, my home water in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. We prepared for our new situations off the water. The boys in purple tank tops were well prepared for their challenge. Some of the neighbors on Kit Lake prepared eggs for use as currency. The fish prepared their next generation. And anglers prepared for a variety of fishing situations.

Our spring came with hiccups of cold fronts. And the tilapia, panfish, and bass spawned on their agreed upon schedule. That miraculous event combined with morning temps as low as the 50s and afternoon temps cracking 90 caused our fish to eat differently. Anglers who were prepared with more than one rig were able to be successful all day throughout the month. At various moments, subsurface, top water, and slow sinking flies did well.

On cool mornings, natural action baitfish imitations were the thing. Before returning to his third home in the eastern mountains, Mr. Towery caught large bass on his articulated bluegill imitations tied on with non-slip loop knots. Late risers were able to start fishing just before noon, and stay on the water all day. They caught slams using slow sinking nymph imitations. Then the Evening-Hatch-Gang doubled and tripled up on bluegill casting sprogs near the banks.

Clouds began to pile higher in the end of the month. Soon we’ll prepare to sit out thunderstorms.

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