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The Kit Lake Solace

April 2023

It was a month of adaptability on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. Plans were made. Plans were worked. Plans were broken, again and again, by various challenges and opportunities.

Early summer fishing conditions forced us to adapt as the last cold fronts of the year came through. Temperatures fluctuated from the'50s to well into the 80’s, and water temperatures were pleasant for people, consistently in the high 70s. Morning showers that began in the third week cleaned the ramp but raised the water level only a little.

The spawn wound down, and small newborn fish of all species congregated in the warming shallows. Some bass spent the energy to chase them and were fooled by light colored baitfish flies like Gummy Minnows and Schminnows. The larger bass were striking again, so before leaving the lake for new horizons, Ms. Flipper switched to heavier rods. Six weights and more.

Adding to the interest for shore bound anglers, alligators grunted with each other in their own season. Rather than fish from the shore by the reeds near her house, Mrs. Victoria asked to fish with Mr. Brown in his boat. People talked.

The evening-hatch-crew was very successful. They cast around reeds and caught bluegill some of the time, but vegetation was more hook-able. So anglers who carried weedless flies, sinking and floating, were able to land the fish they hooked.

This month, we had to plan our fishing around this flux. We are looking forward to the regularly scheduled afternoon thunder showers coming soon.

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