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The Kit Lake Solace

June 2023

This was a month of resources on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. Those with capitals were able to turn it into more, including more fish in the net. Mr. Junior was able to get out several times this month. He enjoyed talking and fishing. Then on workdays, this suited his employees because he had nothing left to talk about in staff meetings.

Blind mosquitos flitted above grassy areas near the lake. Anglers equipped with Polk zebra midge flies did well on bluegill near the shore and out to 5 feet deep.

Also along the shore, Brazilian Pepper plants attracted bass like sunk Christmas trees do in deep water. Thomas, who grows one and sinks the other behind his parent’s house near the canal, caught bass on 3 weight near the shore. Alligators were more active, so he stripped his fish in quickly.

Water hyacinths bloomed, and bass hung out next to the patch on the peninsula. The subtle drop offs of 12 inches or so are more important than usual, and anglers who’ve mapped this sub-surface feature were able to take bass on 8 weight rods with actively presented poppers over 5 to 10 feet of water that warmed just shy of 85 degrees.

Thunderstorms appeared halfway through the month. But they were not yet predictable, so anglers rich in free time were able to work around them.

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