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The Kit Lake Solace

July 2023

It was a month of rhythm on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. Jobs were done twice, and then were repeated. Our fishing fell into a pattern too.

True summer arose, so storms and heat divided days into periods of good fishing, and periods to escape. Anglers who could make arrangements could make out.

Classic dawn-patrol fishing was in its prime. Bass were found in various spots, and could be counted on to hit top water. Later in the mornings smaller fish would be in shade, vegetation, or moving water. Bluegill were caught on nymphs by anglers who noticed the chizzywinks fliting above the grass, then cast nymphs that matched that hatch, and finally concentrated to feel the lethargic bites.

As the heat intensified, chasing bait balls became the sport for those equipped with a convenient boat, sinking flies, and a quick cast. Mr. Victor, of the redwood dock, caught a few using an eight weight rod with one heavy Clouser minnow, and a grandson learning to run the boat at the helm.

Then it was too hot, too stormy, or too hot and stormy.

For those who could escape the weather, and then do the turnaround, post-thunderstorm evening trips were rewarded as bass hit varieties of poppers through mosquito time.

The rains are quickly changing the water clarity and the shoreline, so next month will bring new opportunities.

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