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The Kit Lake Solace

August 2023

It was a month of combination on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. Our solace was found where our struggles were found. We fought hard to find the fish in deep, hot water. Sometimes they were beyond the reach of flies. But the struggles were good for our temperaments.

Weather changes gave relief to the anglers, but did not change the angling much. While some coolness was found in the mornings, we still had to start early, or fish deep. Summer rains and water levels were merely consistent most of the month. But water temperatures were sometimes higher than air temperatures.

Anglers who were successful fishing the banks arrived early and used moderately sinking flies. Mr. Cooper noted that Alligators were grunting, but without much effort. He took this as a sign of harsh conditions for the fish, too. So, he moved offshore to cast heavy sinking flies when the martins began flying over the water and the grassy flood areas, chasing their breakfast. Bluegill were found in water up to ten feet deep while bass did some lethargic chasing of baitfish in deeper waters Shellcrackers were also caught in the thermocline on trout nymphs.

We finished this August with fungus on the moss and hurricanes in the gulf. Next month we will look for more active fish.

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