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The Kit Lake Solace August 2021

This was a month of squeeze-in fishing on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country.

After the summer, responsibilities returned. So family responsibilities multiplied, and work responsibilities increased exponentially when, "Corporate types wanted their paperwork, years later."

Additionally, August is the time of the ibis. Summer ends with an explosive mix of soupy humidity and unending heat that allows thunderstorms at any time. All this limits time on the water and makes fishing tough. Difficult fishing and crowded calendars require more creativity in attracting strikes, finding fish, getting on the water safely, and indeed just going fishing.

Small waters, like ponds, became great hunting grounds. Anglers who found shallow, accessible FeatherWaters found bugs coming off in the late morning, and topwater strikes turned on by light showers. Sprogs and Sneaky Pete's shone.

On these very small waters, we no longer struggled to find fish and our concentration on catching bloked out responsibilities from the real world.

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