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The Kit Lake Solace


          It was a month of new-old on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country. Old friends called with great stories of new fishing. Old bands put out new music. And old Lilly pad fields grew to new dimensions.

          Cold front storms gave us rising, clear water. Cool on top, but comfortable near 70 degrees deeper. So wise, old bass were offshore in 10 feet or more. But new bass were active in the shallows.

          We caught exciting, ten inch and larger, bass on Mc Nally Frog poppers that that avoided the last of the summer grasses, OB’s Grassy Whistler cast near established and still green Lilly pad fields, and OB’s Unicorn Clousers cast to sink moderately into those grassy areas.

          Crappy were deep near old Lilly pad fields. We had success with midge imitations presented as slow as roasting a turkey. The usually dependable Bluegill went to new hiding locations. This hit old Charley particularly hard. He couldn’t cast to their new spots as the little guys moved away from his beach. Also, he needed to rake the leaves from his Prunus Kanzan Tree blanketing his lawn.

          Our pattern of cold-hot-cold should end in December, and water should settle into a temperature that will invite consistent behavior from the fish. And the anglers.

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