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The Kit Lake Solace

This was a month of calm experimentation on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida’s largemouth bass country.

We were pulled in one direction by unknown bosses in two-to-one-meetings who had us writing stronger passwords and more sentences. And in another direction by fluctuating temperatures that kept us guessing where the bass went. But the extra mental effort to find the fish added to our distraction.

Unusually, each cold wave that crossed the northern part of our country reached us down here. This drove fish deep and few periods of time stayed warm enough, long enough to energize the fish and bring them out.

Generally, we tried to fish drop-offs 10 to 15 feet deep with streamers like EP brush flies, or even crawfish patterns. Though we were ready with hopeful topwater patterns when the sun was able to warm structurers that attract heat rather than cast shadow. The houseboat Mr. Hale is building (so he can spend nights away from Mrs. Hale?) is good for this.

The residents of Kit Lake stayed inside and wished they’d built fireplaces in their houses. But the water and our minds cleared between storms, so we could see next month’s fish clearly.

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