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The Kit Lake Solace, March 2021

This was a month of lackadaisical spring on Kit Lake. Morning temperatures as low as in the 50s held on until the 24th. This kept water temperatures low too, in the early days of the month 70° was not seen. There has not been a heavy rainstorm to wash away the live oak pollen, so there is still a dusting on the boat ramp and in the stationary corners of the lake. This delay in the seasonal change of weather had things a little off kilter.

Florida natives needed two layers in the mornings and could only shed the jacket near noon. The bluegill were bedding, but their defensive strikes were hard to hook until we started using trout nymphs and extra small Clousers.Bass were not sure what they wanted to do. Some were suspended in deep water, 15-20 feet. The brown pelicans who are still around after a storm on the west coast a few weeks ago pointed them out. But late in the month, we hooked a couple on super buggers as water temperatures move over 70°. They had wandered into the feather waters that the bluegill claimed, maybe just restless, or checking out their own bedding spots.

Even though the extended cool made catching a little tough, we are grateful; Being on the lake has been pleasant, and we will get to the frying season soon enough.

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