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The Outing Before Christmas

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all ‘cross the pond

the bass were hittin’ on top with jaws yawned.

The stockings were hung in the boat just in case

more than good luck came from the north at a pace.

The family was home to wrap and to cook

while I to the water with a rod for to look.

While Grandpa reclined to watch footballs fly,

I pondered the question, “A wet or a dry?”

The kids came to play by the water with joy

and to scare the fish with loud happy noise.

“Come in and help wrap!” came the call from the door.

“Just one more cast.” I replied up the shore.

I enjoyed the tug then told a great tale

to all of the family, ‘bout fighting a whale.

From our pond to yours we send out this wish

Merry Christmas to you. And maybe a fish.

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