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The Kit Lake Solace

June 2022

It was a month of leisure and work on Kit Lake, my home water, in central Florida's largemouth bass country.

Bosses needed help on those days when they couldn’t “pick up a penny." So, they kept us at a close distance, and we kicked in a little more. Even when we went fishing to relax, the fish continued the theme.

This month we were obliged to watch the weather reports. Thunderstorms built late in the evening but mostly began in the night. Some of these storms continued into the morning, hitting the pause button on our fishing action. When we got going, the bass were in first drop-offs most of the day. Mr. David, the Mango Man, has been catching bass on rubber worms in about seven feet of water out beyond his dock. So, we tied on extralong Clouser minnows or weighted marabou flies and faced away from the edges.

Bluegill gave us a break when we needed a rest from that difficult casting. Grass Shrimp were active this month, and Leo cleared the cattails form his lakefront property, near the dropoff penninsula. Combined with the beginnings of summer rains, we had a temporary pool where flies like the Muskie Shrimp were met by happy bluegill. Until the visiting grandkids woke and began swimming.

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